Hello, I'm

Sustainable Bear

Let’s adventure together and create a bright future. My footprints are small but my heart is big. I’m soft and 100% recycled, because I care. We’ve got a challenge on our paws to clean up the world and protect it from harm. That might seem like a problem that’s too big but we can do it!

Let’s start by making a difference at school and at home with a sustainable plan. Follow my footsteps down the page here to learn the Sustainable Bear dance and the chance to WIN your very own BIG Sustainable Bear soft toy like me! 🐾

The Future's in Our Paws 💙

Are you ready to recycle and reduce waste with Sustainable Bear?

Every day too much rubbish fills the land and seas and it’s bad for everyone. It’s time to make a bright future and show that we care.

When trees are harvested from a sustainable forest they can be used for many things - like timber for building and furniture, or paper for books and cardboard for boxes. When their purpose is complete, they can come to life again if we have a sustainable plan to recycle and reduce our waste which we know is fairer to our planet.

Let’s think of a cardboard box. Once its use is over, we can recycle the box and the fibres can be used to make soft, strong, naturally brown, eco-friendly toilet paper for you and me. 

Sustainable Bear

at School

Every small action can make our school a brighter place for everyone. Together we can do this, because we care. My mission is to help every teacher and carer discover ways to reduce our carbon footprints at school with recycled products.

Take my paw and show me around your school. What is made from recycled materials and what can we recycle?  I’m here to help contact me to find out more.

Let’s be Sustainable Bears together to create a bright future.

Invite Sustainable Bear to your school

Sustainable Bear

at home

Being a Sustainable Bear at home is easy. Each time you have some rubbish like a box or bag, ask your family to help you recycle it the right way and show that you care. You’ll be surprised at how much you can recycle. It’s great to know that it’s going to be reused, instead of going to landfill or into the seas where it could harm our planet.

I'm on a mission to find the best recycled products that are great for use at home, school and work, so join us on the sustainable journey.

I have a special product that is ideal for use at home and you can also buy me.

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Sustainable Bear

Dance with Sustainable Bear. Learn, dance, share #teddylovesit

Let's make a bright future and show that we care

You and me we got this with Sustainable Bear

Recycle and reduce your waste you know it’s only fair

Follow in the footsteps of Sustainable Bear!

Win a

Sustainable Bear

Would you like to win your very own BIG Sustainable Bear?

To be in with the chance of winning a limited edition BIG, soft and recycled bear like me, ask an adult to complete the prize draw here. 

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